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Nialis Law Group provides legal and planning advice at every stage of land use projects, from planning and permitting to financing. We have handled many types of land use matters in Southern California, which has especially intricate land use and environmental protection laws requiring strong local legal representation. We work effectively to entitle projects and to secure the zoning and plan documents required to implement a project.


We effectively evaluates claims to resolve them in the most expeditious manner.  However, when early resolution cannot occur, we will take a case to trial, when necessary, in the most cost effective manner.  NIALIS LAW GROUP has the necessary experience to effectively litigate cases.

We acknowledge that it is advantageous for the majority of claims and litigation to be resolved by settlement prior to trial.  This settlement strategy can usually only be obtained through the joint efforts of all parties involved and through existing policies, programs and controls


Nialis Law Group has developed expertise in many areas of law, however, the primary legal focus of the firm is concentrated in the following areas of law:

  • Real estate broker/agent law and litigation

  • Real estate law and litigation

  • Zoning, planning, and land use

  • Real estate professional licensing and professional licensing complaints

  • Title insurance law and litigation

  • Business law and litigation

  • Premise liability insurance defense

  • Corporate, partnership and business entity formation

  • Commercial real estate law and litigation

  • Construction and construction defect

  • Contractual Law and Litigation

  • Mortgages and deeds of trust law and litigation


Nialis Law Group attorneys’ fee rates are highly competitive in relation to firms that manage cases with complex issues.  We charge only those rates that are agreed upon between you and Nialis Law Group.  All necessary routine costs are agreed upon in advance and all non-routine costs are not incurred until your prior approval is obtained.

We provide billing statements that will specify in plain language what legal work was performed, the identity of the attorney who performed that work, the amount of time (to the 1/10 of an hour) to conduct that work and the charge based on that attorney’s hourly rate for the work performed.  Billing statements will further set forth all costs incurred.

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