Results And Value In Real Estate Law Cases

Any concern associated with the purchase, sale, development or use of real estate is a high-stakes matter. Any real estate dispute calls for prompt, thorough analysis by an experienced attorney who will attack the problem and consider every viable path to favorable resolution.

Nialis Law Group, APLC, is a premier resource for homeowners, commercial property owners, investors, real estate professionals and others throughout Orange County. As a boutique law firm with a lean, agile business model, we provide the utmost in personal attention and strive to exceed each client's expectations for cost-efficiency as well as results delivered.

Our law firm is led by lawyer Mark Nialis. Practicing since 1979, Mr. Nialis' credentials in real estate law matters are notable and wide-ranging. Not only is he a highly regarded lawyer for complex transactional matters and real estate litigation, he was an instructor approved by the California Department of Real Estate (now known as the California Bureau of Real Estate) to conduct instructional seminars.

Resolving Real Estate Litigation

We litigate residential and commercial real estate disputes of all kinds, including:

In real estate litigation, we begin by defining success. That means talking to you about the situation and learning specifically about what you would like to achieve. By zeroing in on and refining your end goal at the very beginning of the process, we can avoid distractions, missteps and wrong turns. We can create a legal strategy designed to get you to your end goal as quickly as possible, and in a manner that is cost-effective.

Trial is a reality that must be prepared for in any real estate dispute. Not doing so would put us at a disadvantage. While we are skilled at negotiation and are frequently able to reach a positive outcome without having to take the matter into a courtroom, we also know the importance of sending a clear message to our opponent that we will not back down. We have the strength to stand up for you at trial and the record of success to prove it.

From disputes between buyers and sellers to disputes between realtors and clients to disputes between adjoining landowners, we are ready to take action.

Protecting Your Interests In High-Value Transactions

Careful handling of a real estate transaction is not only about facilitating the completion of the transaction. It is about moving the transaction forward as efficiently as possible, identifying opportunities to reduce costs or increase profits, and ensuring protection and recourse in the event of a dispute. It is about doing the due diligence and making certain nothing is overlooked.

Our law firm handles transactional real estate matters of all kinds, including:

Find Out How We Will Prioritize Your Goals

If you are pursuing an important real estate transaction or confronting a dispute, we are prepared to take action. We provide personal attention in every case and will put your goals first. To discuss your case with an attorney, call 714-464-3408 or contact us by email.