Guidance In Commercial Evictions

Whether you are renting property to run your business or you own commercial property, resolving an eviction here in Orange County is not an easy task.

At the Nialis Law Group in Orange, California, a team of experienced real estate law attorneys and subject matter experts can ensure that your legal rights are secured when dealing with a commercial eviction.

More Than 30 Years Of Experience Dealing With Commercial Evictions

An experienced litigator, founder Mark Nialis and the rest of our team can thoroughly analyze the details of your eviction dispute and determine if:

  • The landlord provided sufficient notice and had sufficient cause for an eviction
  • The landlord was meeting obligations according to the lease and California law
  • The tenant was honoring the terms of the lease and paying rent on time

Evicting a tenant from a commercial property is no easy task here in California. Our law firm understands how much the success of your business hinges on being able to operate without problems with your lease. If you are a landlord, your rights are also important to be able to manage your property as you see fit.

With a strong eye for detail, we can examine the lease in question and help you determine the best way to reach a solution that protects your interests, whether it is through settlement negotiations or in litigation.

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