Guidance In Zoning, Planning And Land Use

Property owners and developers in Orange County must often confront complex land use and planning issues with significant financial implications. Such concerns involve a wide array of residential and commercial initiatives and controversies. The opposing agendas of multiple private parties, companies and government entities are often in play.

At the Nialis Law Group in Orange, California, our attorneys address zoning, planning and land use matters strategically and comprehensively. Leveraging decades of real estate law experience in governmental proceedings and the courts, we are committed to providing the utmost in focused, individualized counsel and results-driven representation in pursuit of your real estate-related goals.

Turn To Our Results-Driven Attorneys For Help

Led by lawyer Mark Nialis, in association with an array of accomplished experts in specific fields who may be essential to your case, our efficient boutique firm is a proven resource for:

  • Commercial and residential property owners facing difficult city, county and state permitting issues or other obstacles to achieving their objectives for land development
  • Residential landowners involved in boundary disputes and other controversies between neighbors or civic authorities
  • Property owners who want to challenge rezoning, tax assessments, classification of specific areas as slow growth/no growth, and other government actions and initiatives
  • Business owners and developers in need of counsel on compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and other state and federal land use statutes, as well as municipal and building codes and other regulations

Through actions ranging from drafting demand letters to preparing impact statements and other documents integral to our clients' goals, we consistently pursue the most efficient, cost-effective paths to resolution of land use and environmental law challenges.

Should your case require an appearance before a state or federal government agency or litigation in court, you will have a deeply experienced trial lawyer and professional team on your side. To discuss your unique land use concerns or other legal needs, please call 714-464-3408 or email the Nialis Law Group anytime.